A 32-year-old Santa Rosa woman released from jail earlier in the day under orders not to consume alcohol was arrested for suspected drunken driving late Thursday night after police say she went to pick up her car and rammed it into a friend's northwest Santa Rosa home.

Angela Marie Angerman, also known as Angela Paetz, was back in jail Friday and was being held without bail for suspected violation of probation and drunken driving, authorities said. All in all, she was out of jail about 10 hours.

Angerman had been incarcerated for several months on theft and other charges when she was released - early - at 1 p.m. Thursday on probation, police Sgt. John Cregan said. A condition of her probation was that she not consume alcohol, he said.

But when Angerman later went to the Keoke Court home of a friend shortly before 10 p.m. to pick up the silver 1998 Ford Mustang she had stored there while in jail, her friend urged her not to drive, Cregan said.

The friend was actually outside and witnessed Angerman running into trouble as she backed from the driveway - first striking a car parked on the street, then accelerating foreward and sidewiping a tree on the lawn, and finally crashing into the side of the house, police said.

The car nearly went into the kitchen, where the dishwasher and cabinets were impacted by significant damage to the wall, police said.

Angerman reportedly drove away from the scene on flattened tires, police said. But the damaged vehicle was soon found parked on State Farm Drive, near where Angerman was found walking.

Her blood alcohol tested at more than twice the legal limit for driving, police said.

Anyone who witnessed the collision or has additional information is requested to call police traffic investigator Michael Mieger at (707) 543-3636.