At least four people were arrested over the weekend trying to supply food and water to a protester attempting to halt construction of the Highway 101 bypass project outside Willits, protesters said Monday.

Will Parrish, 31, of Ukiah, climbed into a 100-foot-tall construction tower used to install wick-drains on Thursday and has been living on a small platform halfway up the tower.

He has run out of food and water and cannot descend on his own because his climbing rope is covered in grease from the machine, said Jamie Chevalier, a spokeswoman for Redwood Nation Earth First.

Protesters attempted to bring food, water and raingear to Parrish on Saturday evening. Parrish lowered a rope to haul up the supplies, but CHP officers cut the rope, Chevalier said.

The CHP said four people were arrested. Redwood Nation Earth First said six people were arrested.

More than 30 arrests related to the bypass protests have been made since April, protesters said.

Caltrans and CHP said they are monitoring the situation and arresting other protesters who attempt to resupply Parrish as work continues on the $210 million project.

The protests have cost taxpayers $1.2 million since April, according to Caltrans.