EDITOR: I am aghast to even hear that a public institution such as the Santa Rosa Junior College would even consider ticketing a combat-wounded veteran for parking on campus. It's even more difficult to understand that he even was forced to appeal the fines.

Here is a soldier who served his (our) country honorably in Iraq where he was wounded. Now, back in the United States, he is trying to put his life back together back going back to school.

The school's attitude makes one wonder what is the meaning of the popular bumper sticker "Support Our Troops"? As the draw down continues in Afghanistan, there will be more and more cases like this.

Therefore, now is the time to support these men and their families who have given so much so that we can enjoy our freedoms today.

Please write to to SRJC or least make your voices of support loud and clear.


<i>Lt Col Retired