Steve Jaxon is walking on air — come Monday he'll be back on KSRO with his afternoon variety show, "The Drive."

Listeners wailed when KSRO cut costs by laying him off last month. But apparently the main thing that prompted the station to bring Jaxon back was the deal he offered.

Jaxon will not be paid by KSRO and its parent company, Maverick Media. Instead he'll bring along his own advertiser/sponsors, something broadcasters with syndicated shows often do.

"Everybody wins in this," said KSRO station manager, Kent Bjugstad.

He said Michelle Marques, who stepped up to do the afternoon show when Jaxon was laid off, will continue to produce a short feature for the "The Drive" and may take on more air time after KSRO's next big change, coming just after Christmas.

That's when the station will drop the syndicated Don Imus show.