La Russa's friendship leads to Mac's confession

This is in praise of Mark McGwire and Tony La Russa, but first I want to tell a La Russa story that shows how complicated all things McGwire are.

Years ago ? I don?t remember how many ? the Cardinals came to San Francisco for a Giants series and I visited their clubhouse to say hello to La Russa and McGwire, guys I know from my working life. La Russa and I were catching up in the visiting manager?s office and I asked if McGwire, who was dressing nearby at his locker, was a cinch for the Hall of Fame.

La Russa eyeballed me and he said ? I?ll never forget this ? ?In our clubhouse that is what?s known as stupid (expletive deleted) question.?

I remember being taken aback by La Russa?s response. Turns out it wasn?t such a stupid (expletive deleted) question. It?s one of the major questions of baseball?s current era.

And now this question is front and center after McGwire admitted what everyone already knew. He used steroids. He used steroids in 1998 when he broke the single-season home-run record.

He is typical of many great stars of the Steroid Era. For a long time, he didn?t tell the truth and was a phony ? also typical. Even now, he is disingenuous when he claims he took steroids for healing and not for power hitting.

He came across as pitiful when he appeared before a congressional committee five years ago and bobbed and weaved his way through the questioning ? seemed a coward. His performance at that congressional hearing ruined his chances for the Hall of Fame as far as some voters are concerned. They say he is morally unfit for the Hall (Ty Cobb was fit?) because he didn?t come clean to the congressional windbags and to us.

It?s time for that faction of voters, the ?moral? faction to put up or shut up. McGwire has told the truth, so vote for the guy.

I vote for him on several counts.

1) His name is on the ballot. If the people who make up the ballot don?t consider someone eligible ? like Pete Rose ? they keep his name off. If a guy?s name is on the ballot, who am I to quibble?

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