Vandals left suspected gang symbols and letters in black and red paint across a Santa Rosa neighborhood east of Montgomery Village, marking houses, bridge abutments and even trees.

Residents on Tuesday morning reported dozens of tags along Yulupa Avenue, Spring Creek Drive and Easton Drive.

Santa Rosa added workers to clean up the graffiti on city property, said Clint McKay, a superintendent in the city's public works department.

"There was graffiti over a ton of stuff," McKay said. Crews "removed it from several signs, light poles, a bridge abutment," he said. "It was on trees, it was on a speed hump. They just really hit that area hard."

One neighborhood resident, who asked not to be named, said she recently moved to Santa Rosa from Los Angeles in part to escape the gang and urban problems and was shocked to see all the markings.

"We are in Santa Rosa, it is Sonoma County, how much teen angst can you have? It was Montgomery Village. Who lives up here in Montgomery Village but families?" she said.

Her home was spared, but the graffiti was widespread throughout the neighborhood.

"One whole fence, our neighbor's fence was covered," she said. "Three trees, a neighbor's Honda station wagon, the whole side, a neighbor's pop-up trailer, two speed bumps were tagged, a house and the garage."