State officials have given Sonoma County the go-ahead to begin construction on a long-delayed trails project along the Laguna de Santa Rosa.

The county's Agricultural and Open Space District received word Tuesday that the project complies with the requirements of a permit issued by the state Department of Fish and Game.

Two paths totaling 2.4 miles are planned along the eastern side of the waterway between Occidental Road and Highway 12. The project also includes two parking areas at the north and south ends of the trails.

Construction is set to begin Sept. 13 and wrap up by mid- to late-October.

The project was initially set for completion early this summer but was postponed by a requirement to purchase mitigation credits for impacts to about 1.5 acres of tiger salamander habitat and wetland.

Officials also had to secure about 10 permits from federal, state and regional agencies. The state wildlife permit was the last to be approved.

Long-range plans call for a network of public trails along about 12 miles of the Laguna de Santa Rosa, a 14-mile-long wetland complex and waterway that runs from Cottage to Forestville.