The summer crackdown on drunken drivers in Sonoma County ended Monday night, with 155 people arrested in the 18-day extra enforcement period.

Far fewer people were arrested this year compared to last year's effort, with 252 arrests, for a drop of 38 percent.

There were no fatal crashes involving drunken drivers during the period. But there were eight injury crashes with eight people involved, said Petaluma Sgt. Ken Savano, who supervised the effort.

"I'd like to think there are less drunken drivers on the road because of the message," Savano said.

"The hard work of the officers in the task force and the media attention is raising public awareness about the problem," he said.

During the extended Labor Day holiday run, the 13 law enforcement agencies from throughout the county put extra effort into rounding up suspected drunken drivers.

There were eight special operations held, including multiple checkpoints from Petaluma to Cloverdale.

Included in the arrest list were several people with repeated drunken driving arrests.

In one crash this season, a Rohnert Park man was taken into custody Sunday after he drove into a Rohnert Park police SUV and then attempted to flee the crash scene, police reported.

Savano said the extended DUI enforcement, as well as other similar programs held throughout the year, will continue as a standard program.