Singletary responds to Yahoo! Sports report

  • 8/22/2009:C1: Alex Smith runs passing drills Tuesday in Napa with coordinator Jimmy Raye.

    PC: Alex Smith runs passing drills under the eye of offensive coordinator Jimmy Raye, left.

The 49ers are on the defensive, defending themselves like mad after that loss in Seattle, after Alex Smith slammed offensive coordinator Jimmy Raye, saying plays came in too slow, after Yahoo! Sports came out with an article saying Raye is slow to recall plays in tense situations, saying Raye garbles his words at the worst possible times during games.

That is the bad place the Niners find themselves in after only one game.

On Thursday, the 49ers defended themselves. Mike Singletary said he's working on improving in-game communication between Raye and Smith — they'd better improve by Monday when they play Super Bowl champion New Orleans.

Singletary also talked about "the rat." The rat was the source for Yahoo sportswriter Jason Cole. The rat was the Niner snitch who yapped about Raye's deficiencies and the dissatisfaction some players feel about him. Singletary said he doesn't think a rat exists — I disagree — but if there is indeed a rat, or merely a big mouse, Singletary is sure the rat smell will reveal itself soon enough.

It is serious when a team has a rat infestation. An exterminator is in order. After his news conference, Singletary eyeballed me — I had been silent.

"Why are you so quiet today?" he demanded.

"I'm just thinking about you calling a guy a rat," I said.

"See there you go," he said — with a smile, I think. "I shouldn't have asked you but here we go. One thing I want to teach our guys is to be men. If there's something you have to say, go say it and say that you said it. But don't go say a bunch of stuff, &‘But don't tell him I said it.' To me that's a rat. That's a coward and a rat."

The Yahoo article alleges certain players did talk to Singletary about Raye — unratlike behavior. But it is admirable Singletary hates a rat. Singletary is the anti-rat. He is someone who tells you straight up what he thinks, and he is willing for you to tell him straight up what you think. He's even willing for me to speak back and that's why he solicited my feedback after the news conference. None of this means he is a good coach. He still must prove that. But he is a stand-up guy and that is admirable.

Despite all that, he still had to defend himself. He still had to say he will improve the disastrously slow play calling, and he still had to allow for the possibility of rodents on the premises. When you are preparing for the national stage on Monday night, you don't want to talk about little disease-carrying mammals.

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