EDITOR: I'm writing on behalf of 32 fellow teachers, and we are appalled at the latest unnecessary and draconian action by the superintendent and trustees of the Cotati-Rohnert Park Unified School District. They are firing every "unessential" classified employee effective in June, albeit with the intent to hire some people back (at reduced hours).

This is retribution for not immediately agreeing to a five-day furlough. The union had agreed, like the other unions, to a three-day furlough. All of the ill-will, insult and disruption of these employees' lives in this time of national economic uncertainty generated by this outrageous act saves the district $11,000.

The district is spending twice that to rename its middle school.

We protest this as a shameful act of bullying by district management. It is an unethical act, bargaining in bad faith at best and union-busting at worst. Other unions should see this as a threat because if this is legal in one district, it is legal in all.

We ask the public to contact our school district. Join us in requesting that the district rescind this decision.


Rohnert Park