EDITOR: A Wednesday headline said, "Most graduates not college-ready." Nor should they be. People have different abilities. I admire skilled craftsmen of all kinds, truck drivers, assembly-line workers and so on. They are not in any sense below college graduates; they are simply different. A high school diploma should not be an admittance ticket to a four-year college.

Certainly all citizens should learn to read, write, compute, understand history, appreciate art. I earned a university graduate degree, but no one should hire me to repair his car or wire his house.

Our respected junior college is an ideal place to match one's unique abilities to a variety of ways to serve others at work. Not every high school grad should go to college.


Santa Rosa

Resources To Help

North Bay Suicide Prevention 24-hour hotline: 855-587-6373

NAMI Sonoma County warmline: 707-527-6655

Sonoma County Psychiatric Emergency Services: 707-576-8181

For information on Sonoma County support groups, call 707-527-6655 or go to namisonomacounty.org