The state's Campaign against Marijuana eradicated slightly fewer plants this year statewide but set a new record in Mendocino County, which took first place in anti-pot operations, officials said.

Statewide, CAMP officials seized 4.3 million pot plants worth an estimated $17.2 billion during an 108-day effort, officials said. That's down slightly from the 4.4 million plants seized statewide in 2009.

In Mendocino County, 572,680 plants were seized during eradication efforts assisted by CAMP, up from 440,689 plants last year.

CAMP's figures do not include plants seized by local officials the rest of the year. Last year, Mendocino County's marijuana eradication team seized 541,250 marijuana, including those taken with CAMP's assistance.

Lake County was third on the list of eradications this year, with 374,958 plants and Sonoma County was in sixth place, with 311,147 plants.

Lake County was in second place last year, with 506,506 plants. Just over 100,000 plants were seized on Sonoma County in 2009.