Crab fishermen and buyers agreed to a per-pound price of $1.75 on Saturday, meaning boats will head to the water Sunday morning to set their pots in an effort to bring loads of the tasty crustaceans home for hungry shoppers.

Commercial fisherman can drop their crab pots at 6 a.m. Sunday. Dozens of boats are expected to sail out of Bodega Bay in search of Dungeness crab large enough to legally catch.

Early reports from sport fisherman look good.

While the agreed-upon price wasn't as high as fishermen hoped, it's fair, said Tony Anello, a fisherman and co-owner of Spud Point Crab Co.

"It's not the best price in the world, but it's a price we agreed we'd go fishing for," he said. "You have to be realistic in this economy and at least people can afford to have a delicacy at a reasonable price."

The next three to five days will be hectic for fishermen, who will make a first trip out, set trap, return for a second load and begin pulling in their catch.

Retailers, including G&G Supermarkets, Fiesta Market and Oliver's Markets, said they expected to have crab in stock Monday or Tuesday. Prices are expected to be around $3 a pound.