The owners of the Petaluma Seed Bank have inked a deal to write three books about their lives and their gardening expertise.

Jere and Emilee Gettle of Missouri, who own the Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Company's Petaluma Seed Bank, signed up with Hyperion publishing to write "Heirloom Life," which is slated to be out next fall.

Jere Gettle said Tuesday several publishers were interested in printing their books, but Hyperion committed to more than one offering.

The second book is tentatively titled "The Heirloom Life Cookbook" and will feature recipes along with other information about preserving heirloom foods and the cycle of our food supply.

The first book "came together real quick," Jere Gettle said. "We're working on it now. Seems like we'll be busy for the next couple years."

It will be a guide to how to grow vegetables – for beginners and more advanced gardeners – and the story of the Gettles and how they came to own seed banks in California and Connecticut.

The Gettles also are organizing an heirloom food festival planned for next September in Santa Rosa. Hundreds of varieties of heirloom foods will be on display and dozens of experts will share their knowledge, Gettle said.

The Seed Bank has been open for about two years in downtown Petaluma at the site of the historic Sonoma County National Bank building on Petaluma Boulevard and East Washington.