Still, she has embraced the notoriety. She Twittered to her 1,774 followers: "No pat down & it was fun! This just might be my new travel uniform!

Interviewed in Sonoma County Friday, Theile, who grew up in Geyserville, said she has long considered such an act.

"It's something I've thought of doing since they've been cracking down on everything," she said. "I've gone to the airport for years and wondered why I put all my clothes on."

Television news crews alerted by a publicist friend caught up to her at the airport as she prepared to fly back to Sonoma County for turkey. Now friends from Sweden to Brazil have seen the video of her passage through security, she said.

Theile said the stunt was part high spirits and part statement.

"I think it lightened the mood on a day that they were expecting a lot of protests," she said. "I like to bring a smile to people's faces."

At the same time, though, she added: "I also think that what the TSA has done has made a lot of people uncomfortable and I don't think travel should be uncomfortable. We need to be safe, absolutely. But I think there's a balance."

Newly implemented TSA security measures include scanning machines that capture revealing images of the body and pat-downs that many people view as too close for comfort.

Thursday at LAX, TSA agents greeted her with smiles, Theile said. "One guy said to me, thank you for making my day," she said.

And the latex-gloved agent who met her on the other side of the security gate said: "Girl, you in a bikini, come on through," Theile said.

However, an Inside Edition crew called her back to film her going through again. And when Theile passed back through, her bag — which was not wearing a bikini — was pulled aside and searched by hand.