EDITOR: Paying $20 million for a bike/pedestrian path over Highway 101 is ridiculous. The idea of a pedestrian/bike passage over Highway 101 is a good one, but the proposed model is more than needed.

Also, in the car-oriented environment of Santa Rosa, what is the anticipated usage of this bridge? And, given the demands on the city's available dollars, is the size of this expenditure appropriate?

I suggest the planners take a look at what other cities have done to provide pedestrian/bike bridges over limited access freeways. In New York City, we regularly crossed the FDR Expressway on bikes, using switchbacks no more than 8 feet wide, with minor extensions beyond the roadway. I'm sure other cities have models that would be less expensive than the one proposed and described in the paper on Tuesday ("Bike path over Hwy. 101 could cost $20 million").

I suggest the city look for more reasonable proposals.