EDITOR: Reading the various letters for and against SMART is entertaining, especially the ones from folks who voted for SMART and now regret it. It's a little late to wake up now, folks. You voted for nostalgia and the "toot" of a train whistle. What a reason for adding a tax.

The SMART bigwigs traveled to Japan to look at trains. Whatever happened to pictures and computer images? What did that little trip cost?

A SMART representative once told my husband that the train would travel from Cloverdale to Novato in an hour and 20 minutes. My husband didn't argue the point, why bother, that it takes almost that long for an auto to make it from Cloverdale to the Larkspur ferry terminal, and there are no stops for the auto.

These SMART folks are obviously living in their own dream world. It doesn't matter because Cloverdale and Larkspur won't see SMART for a long time to come, but we'll keep paying the tax. Mark my words, SMART will be back with another tax measure begging for more money in the next five years.

The question is will the voters have wised up by then?