EDITOR: On the same day that Marin County officials asked for further studies of the SMART project, Santa Rosa announced that a pedestrian/bicycle bridge was seeing costs rise as delays pushed back construction.

In what would be nothing but a self-fulfilling prophecy, delaying SMART construction would undoubtedly increase construction costs and make existing funding gaps wider.

SMART is what Sonoma and Marin counties need in more than a transportation sense. The people of these counties need jobs that will be generated by the project. Money spent on this project will be inserted back into local economies, helping boost the flagging taxes that have hurt the funding for the project.

The voters of these counties need the assurance that their voice does matter. In 2008, 70 percent of Sonoma voters and 62 percent of Marin voters put their support behind SMART at the polls. This was no simple majority; it was required to pass by a 2-1 vote. The will of the people was made clear. The vocal minority cannot be allowed to try and bully the voters of the North Bay.

Keep SMART on track. Move forward with construction.


Santa Rosa