These are things Mike Singletary said in his day after Green Bay debacle news conference, followed by relevant commentary by yours truly.

Asked what was most disappointing about the Green Bay loss aside from the loss, Singletary replied:

"Probably just the overall physicality that we didn't play with."

That's a fascinating reply, I'm sure you'll agree. Instead of speaking about what was there, Singletary spoke about what was not there. And what exactly was not there? Physicality was not there, that's what. Just picture the Donald Driver catch and then the run over five hapless 49er would-be tacklers who couldn't keep him out of the end zone and you see the lack of physicality.

I can help the Niners with their physicality deficiency, and I offer this in the spirit of helpfulness. The 49ers were not physical in Green Bay because they spelled the word "physical" the correct way. Singletary never bothered to explain he wants to spell it "fysical" with an "f" instead of a "ph." The "ph" held the team back. He needs to tell the 49ers to fold their paper in half and write "fysical" 20 times.

On why he didn't use Brian Westbrook more:

"Obviously, with Brian Westbrook, a guy that's had issues with concussions, we're not going to use him the same way (as Frank Gore) ... We're really going to try and figure out exactly how much can Brian take, how much can he do, how much can we utilize him to make sure that we don't overdo it, to make sure that we don't put him in harm's way."

Well, excuse me but until this moment I didn't understand the NFL is an assisted-living facility. Pardon me for being blunt, but professional football players are supposed to play. When they step on the field, you assume they are healthy and can withstand a hit. A coach doesn't protect or coddle them. If Westbrook is too fragile for the rough and tumble of the NFL, Singletary should not have him on the team. Singletary does, however, deserve the Mother Teresa bleeding heart award.

On who will play quarterback Sunday against Seattle:

"It is week-to-week. I want to go with the quarterback that I feel gives us the best chance to win."

Let's get this straight. The Niners have played 12 games and Singletary still is dithering about his quarterback. Sure, that's partly because the man dithers. But it's also because the 49ers do not have a starting quarterback. You know that. Mutiple sources are reporting that Alex Smith will start the next game. It doesn't matter one way or another. We already know what Alex can do.

On how the current 49ers compare to the team that got run out of Seattle in Week 1: "I think we're a much better team than we were then."

When I first heard Singletary say this, I thought he had crossed over to the totally delusional. Imagine anyone saying the Niners are much better. But then I did some research. The Niners lost to the Seahawks by 25 points. Very bad. They lost to the Packers by 18, and that is progress. Plus they usually got the plays called on time as opposed to the game against Seattle when Alex Smith almost had a nervous breakdown because the calls did not arrive on time. No one told Alex he was allowed to call his own plays.

On the rest of the season:

"Now, I just want to say this and I'm going to try and frame it as best I can. I know in four weeks the season will be over. I understand that."

Singletary later corrected himself and said he was talking about the regular season and didn't want to get into his team's fabulous playoff prospects. I'm not convinced. Can you say Freudian slip? Deep in his heart Singletary believes his team is done and he's done, and he blurted out his true feelings.

So, that's what Singletary said on Monday. I hope you found it edifying.

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