EDITOR: When the Second World War ended Americans were jubilant and proud. And they had good reason to be. It was a national effort. The whole country pitched in and sacrificed. Everybody. There was so much at stake.

Now that we're engaged in what George W. Bush described as "the struggle for the future of civilization" (again, much at stake), I wonder how proud some of us will be of a victory knowing we did absolutely nothing to help bring it about, but instead asked for a tax cut.

Will we think it was best that the military families were the only ones making any sacrifice, while letting our country borrow from the Chinese to finance it so we could keep more for ourselves? Will we think it was enough that we sported a support the troops sticker on our truck?

I thought the definition of a noble cause was one that you would give up something for. Kind of makes you wonder just how noble this current endeavor is.



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