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Hire an old no-name as coordinator -- that's the ticket

Answer a simple question: Are you excited the 49ers are about to hire Jimmy Raye as offensive coordinator? Answer another simple question: Will the Niner offense scintillate with Jimmy Raye calling the plays? Answer another simple question: Did you ever hear of Jimmy Raye? Answer another simple question: Is it for sure Raye is the offensive coordinator?

I give a ?no? to all of the above, although Raye, I?m told, has been offered the job. I should know the man ? I really should ? but I don?t.

He took up space with the Raiders during the Norv Turner years, was the so-called offensive coordinator although he never actually called a play. Turner did that.

Answer another question. Jimmy Raye is the best Mike Singletary could come up with after a month of dithering, after interviewing eight candidates? Jimmy Freaking Raye?

My apologies to Mr. Raye, who may be a nice man when he?s home, although the background research I did leads to uncertainty about even that.

Words I?ve heard associated with the 49ers? new OC are ?curmudgeon,? ?stubborn,? ?surly,? ?mumbler,? ?poor communicator.? He gives the impression he?s angry at the world, I?m told, because he never got a head-coaching gig.

So, answer another question: Is Raye an improvement over Mike Martz?

No. He?s not an improvement over Mike Martz.

The whole point of this ongoing, ludicrous, demeaning search for an offensive coordinator was because Martz was not good enough for the discerning Mike Singletary. Martz is a creative, innovative, sometimes thrilling OC.

Have you ever heard the adjectives innovative and thrilling applied to Raye? Please. The knock on Martz is his plays develop slowly and his quarterbacks get murdered. It is a fair criticism, although last season Martz adapted to Singletary?s ideas of ball control and balanced attack. Martz performed well.

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