Two Humboldt County women were ordered to stand trial Wednesday on charges of selling pot-laced Rice Krispies treats to undercover officers at a reggae concert in Mendocino County.

Molly Rombalski, 36, a nurse, and Theresa Tripp, 38, a teacher, are facing trial on accusations that include marijuana sales and possession of marijuana for sale following a preliminary hearing on Wednesday, said Mendocino County Deputy District Attorney Katherine Houston.

Tripp additionally is charged with delaying a police officer because she ran away from the arresting officer, she said.

Tripp was apprehended about two hours later, Houston said.

Houston said the women were selling individually wrapped Rice Krispies treats at the Sierra Nevada World Music Festival, a three day roots and reggae concert held at the Boonville fairgrounds in June.

When they first offered the treats to the undercover officers at $2.50 each, the officers declined, she said.

?They were interested in more important stuff,? Houston said. But the women persisted with their sales pitch. ?Are you sure you don?t want to buy some? They?re going fast,? one reportedly asked the officers a short while later.