In the span of two hours Tuesday, three motorists suspected of driving under the influence were arrested on felony charges by Petaluma police after each driver was involved in a separate collision.

James Doyle, 46, of El Verano was arrested after his 1972 Ford pickup reportedly struck a pedestrian and sideswiped a taxi at 2nd and B streets at 8:36 p.m. The pedestrian sustained only minor injuries.

Nine minutes later, police responded to Stony Point Road and Petaluma Boulevard North, where they said Joseph Corfah, 50, of Petaluma, had turned his 2005 Ford Focus into the path of an oncoming car. The driver of the other car sustained minor injuries.

Bail for Doyle and Corfah was set at $30,000 each.

At 10:35 p.m., Kathy Moon, 42, of Petaluma, was eastbound on Rainier Circle when her 2000 Jeep Wrangler rear-ended a parked pickup, police said.

Police said the owner of the truck detained Moon before she could drive away. Police said her blood alcohol level was 0.31. Her bail was set at $5,000.