Mendocino County authorities arrested four people suspected of growing illegal marijuana gardens in the Fort Bragg area when they served search warrants at four homes.

A total of 341 marijuana plants were found at the homes on Friday.

Angelina Dahl, 34, and Brian Dahl, 46, were arrested when Mendocino County Sheriff's deputies found 212 marijuana plants growing inside the family's garage, Lt. Dennis Bushnell said.

Both Dahls told officials the plants were for family medicinal uses, for which they had a permit, Bushnell said.

Deputes seized an additional 25 plants from the home of the Dahl's landlord, 59-year-old Alan Ferguson.

Ferguson had 31 plants growing and had a medical marijuana permit that allowed him to grow six plants. He was not arrested because of frail health, authorities said.

After serving search warrants on the Dahls and Ferguson, authorities searched the home of Angelina Dahl's sister, Melissa Desilva.

Authorities found 26 marijuana plants growing in the home and another 48 freshly cut plants, which had been thrown away in garbage bags.

Desilva also was arrested.

A fifth suspect, 53-year-old Laurel Krause, was arrested at her home when authorities found 24 mature marijuana plants on her property, Bushnell said.

She told authorities proceeds from the sale of the marijuana were going to pay her mortgage.

Krause, Angelina Dahl, Brian Dahl and Desilva were arrested and taken to county jail.

Authorities said they will file charges against Ferguson with the Mendocino County District Attorney's office.

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