Medical staffers at the Sonoma Humane Society are caring for a kitten they say was shot in the face with a BB gun but is already up for adoption.

Her name? Xena, after the warrior princess, agency spokeswoman Angela Bonnert said.

?She?s already shown us that she is tougher than nails ? or BBs,? Veterinary Technician Dustin Kerwin said in a press release.

A good Samaritan found the black and white kitten, believed to be about 7 months old, wandering around a Lucky supermarket parking lot on Gravenstein Highway in Sebastopol on Aug. 31, Bonnert said.

It wasn?t until later a veterinarian noticed a peculiar lump in her jaw, where her tissue had healed over the BB lodged there, Bonnert said.

Luckily there was no infection, and the BB missed the kitten?s eye and nose by about one inch, preventing permanent damage.

A veterinary surgeon removed the pellet Monday, resulting in a small scar and some stitches from which she should heal in a week or so, Bonnert said.

The 5-pound kitten was also spayed and was put up for adoption Tuesday afternoon.

Injuries to humans and animals are an all too common by-product of BB gun use, the Humane Society said.

?Too often pets and wildlife are victims of cruel intentions or accidental shootings, and many don?t ever get the medical help needed and end up suffering or dying alone from their injuries,? Education Coordinator Beth Karzes said.