EDITOR: I don?t know whether Santa Rosa High is violating federal privacy laws by giving parking spaces as rewards to students who scored well on STAR tests, but I am fairly certain it is violating the Americans with Disabilities Act. The policy not only rewards good students, it punishes student who have learning disabilities and cannot perform well on the STAR by denying them access to prime parking spaces.

The implication is that students who score well do so because they work harder or have some other quality of character superior to those students who did not score well. As such, not only are students with learning disabilities left out, so are students who have lower IQs or are socially or economically disadvantaged and students who may not have the study aids and supports of high performing student or are English language learners.

It is elitist at best and, at worst, is a symptom of the corruption in the public school system whereby schools are more concerned with standardized tests than they are with educating students.

It is outrageous that a public institution, surviving on my tax dollars, should set up a system whereby my child would not have access to a parking space, no matter how many hours she spends studying.


Santa Rosa