When?s the last time your bare feet touched dirt?

Winemaker Mike Benziger is betting it?s been awhile. He said most people are disconnected with nature and that?s the reason his Glen Ellen winery created its new Biodynamic Trail.

?If you can make that connection, even for a second, that?s powerful,? he said.

Our wine of the week is the Benziger, 2007 Carneros Chardonnay, so we went to the winery for a tour of the trail.

Just a heads up. It?s less of a hiking trail and more of an outdoor classroom with pods and signage set up to explain the fundamentals of biodynamic farming.

There were plenty of displays, including an owl house to keep varmints at bay and homeopathic remedies to improve the quality of the soil.

?When you think of it, farming is kind of a violent activity,? Benziger said. ?Think of the Dust Bowl ... you?re always borrowing from the future. Biodynamic farming puts back more than you take.?

Benziger said biodynamic farming is more of a commitment than organic farming because you?re actually creating a self-sufficient, healthy environment for the vines.

Final touches are still being made to the trail, which debuts on Earth Day April 22. To celebrate that day, the winery is donating all proceeds from the tasting room to Vineyard Worker Services.

For a glimpse of cows? horns at work ? the most mysterious part of biodynamic farming ? watch our latest video at www.pressdemocrat.com.

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