The "pages" of customer lists Petaluma police obtained during a two-day prostitution sting will be used to prove illegal activity at three of the five massage parlors targeted late this week.

The customers themselves are not in police crosshairs, said Petaluma Police Sgt. Andrew Urton.

Police conducted the sting at five locations on Thursday and Friday, from

3 to 6 p.m. each day. Undercover officers were solicited for sex at three of five locations targeted.

One location, Pine Tree Massage, is located in a business park and the other two locations were in residential areas, police said.

Five people were arrested - three for solicitation for prostitution and three for living in a house of prostitution.

Police said that over the past year numerous complaints about the locations have been made by neighboring businesses, residents who reside in the area and disgruntled customers.

A search warrant was served after the undercover officers were solicited for sex, and detailed customer lists, with phone numbers and method of payment were found at the three locations.

"Is that meaning that everyone on these lists is doing something illegal?

By no means," Sgt. Urton said.

Customer lists at a legitimate massage parlor are usually different from those at an illegal one, he said, adding that legitimate businesses usually include a description of the massage therapy similar to a medical history.

The parlor where prostitution occurs usually only lists a name and amount of time, he said.

Arrested for solicitation were Abby Dancer, 50, of Petaluma, at a house in the 100 block of Second Street; Myong S. Moravec, 52, of Sunnyvale, at Pine Tree Massage, 136 Howard St.; and Son C. Cho, 52, of Los Angeles, at Moon Light Massage, 151 Lynch Creek Drive.

Arrested for residing in a house of prostitution were: Susan H. Song, 53, of American Canyon, and Sun H. Jung, 42, of Fremont, at Pine Tree Massage; and Mi R. Downing, 43, of Los Angeles, at Moon Light Massage.

A May 2008 sting aimed at Petaluma area motels netted 11 arrests, police said. The department is investigating seven city businesses for prostitution, up from one three years ago.

UPDATE: Solicitation charges against Abby Dancer of Petaluma were dropped, and the case was expunged from her record on Oct. 3, 2012.