A Sonoma County judge ruled Monday there is enough evidence to head to trial against a man charged with shooting an arrow from his balcony in January, striking a man in the head and sparking a two-day SWAT action that shut down part of Guerneville.

After a preliminary hearing, Judge Arthur Andy Wick ruled that prosecutors may proceed with assault with a deadly weapon charges against Shaun David Gallon.

Witnesses testified that Gallon, 30, was on his third-floor balcony before the incident, which was reported at midday on January 27.

Gallon was seen holding an arrow in his left hand and a bow in his right hand before James McNeil of Monte Rio -- sitting in a his parked car on Mill Street was struck in the head with an arrow that passed partway through the convertible top. McNeil wasn't seriously injured.

The incident prompted an extensive manhunt in the area and led to an overnight SWAT action that drew dozens of officers from at least two agencies to the small west county town.

Sonoma County sheriff's deputies and Santa Rosa police held siege at Gallon's apartment building for nearly 30 hours, believing he was inside.

Eventually, they stormed the building only to find that Gallon apparently had fled shortly after the incident.

A search warrant for the property and nearby vehicles led to the recovery of about 50 homemade arrows, a 5-foot longbow, a 5-foot spear, a .45 caliber pistol and ammunition.

Gallon was free for 37 days before he turned himself in at the Sheriff's Department on March 5.

Sheriff's Sgt. Mike Raasch said McNeil had a three-quarter-inch laceration on the top of his scalp. The arrow was recovered from the canvas convertible top of his Mazda RX7.

Raasch said Gallon's father had told him that he knew Shaun had been sharpening homemade arrows earlier in the day.

Gallon, who apparently did not know McNeil, was ordered back to court April 22 when further hearings will be set. He remains in Sonoma County Jail on $75,000 bail.

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