The second stage of the 2010 Tour of California will finish in Santa Rosa on May 17th, the Sacramento Bee reported Wednesday.

While the announcement was hardly a surprise ? it has been known for at least a month that Santa Rosa was going to be involved ? it is interesting that no city on the 2010 Tour of California will host a finish and starting stage. The more cities involved, the more money to be made, the thinking goes.

And, truth to tell, hosting a stage finish will bring more money to a city that hosting a start.

AMGEN officially will announce all the tour routes Thursday which comes just two days before all the routes of the 2010 Giro d?Italia will be announced. A coincidence? I don?t think so. The Giro will run May 8-30 while the Tour of California is set May 16-23. Riders will have to make a decision which tour to ride to prep for the Tour de France.

That will be the most interesting development and will provide a strong barometer on exactly how popular the Tour of California is.

The Giro certainly has its traditions but many riders in the past have opted out of it, claiming the race would rob them of the total fitness needed for France.