A 19-year-old Santa Rosa man caught on tape as he pedaled away from Maria Carrillo High School on an allegedly stolen bicycle was spotted and arrested Thurday afternoon, six days after the suspected theft.

Steven Thomas Kittelson surrendered without incident when he was found walking through the downtown Santa Rosa Transit Mall by the same school resource officer who recognized him on the videotape, police said.

The $500 Specialized bike he?s suspected of taking off campus has not been found, however.

A student reported the bicycle missing at the end of the school day Friday, Nov. 13, police said. Another student also reported seeing a non-student riding a bike at a nearby park that looked like the model that had been stolen, police said.

An administrator reviewing campus surveillance tape saw a man enter the bicycle rack area and leave on a bike moments later, and School Resource Officer Paul Messerschmitt recognized the figure as Kittelson, police said.

Encountered Thursday, Kittelson was arrested for suspicion of grand theft, police said.

He remained in the custody of the Sonoma County Jail on Friday with bail of $5,000.

Anyone with information regarding this case should contact Officer Messerschmitt at (707)543-4079.

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