Next time you raise a warm paper cup of coffee to your lips, cursing the cold and rubbing the sleep from your eyes, consider this: Someone?s been up since before the crack of dawn making that coffee. They?re the unsung heroes of our morning slog to work; the perky percolators who patiently take orders for espresso, double-half-caf-skinny mochachinos and extra-hot coffees, black.

But why we steer ourselves almost instinctively toward one java joint (and away from others) is a complicated science. Maybe it?s the cute barista who puts a little extra foam in your latte. Maybe it?s the dark, bitter smell of roasting beans that infuses the store, or just that it?s within stumbling distance. Maybe it?s acoustic guitar Fridays, free Wi-Fi or just the simple fact that you?ve become a regular and your coffee?s ready before you?ve even ordered.

Whatever your flavor, somewhere in Santa Rosa there?s a fresh pot brewing with your name on it.