A 47-year-old San Mateo woman died Sunday afternoon in a car crash on Guerneville Road west of Santa Rosa in an accident that sent her husband and another man to the hospital.

The accident occurred at the intersection of Vine Hill Road and Guerneville Road at about 1:50 p.m.

The crash occurred when Kathleen Acord, 47, pulled her 2002 Honda Civic into the path of a vehicle heading east on Guerneville Road, according to the California Highway Patrol.

Acord was heading north on Vine Hill Road and had come to a stop at the intersection.

Jeffrey Anderson, 31, from Santa Rosa was driving a 1995 Jeep Cherokee on Guerneville Road and fast approaching the intersection, where he had the right of way.

Acord began to pull out in front of Anderson, then stopped, then suddenly accelerated in an apparent attempt to clear the intersection.

Anderson?s Jeep struck the driver-side door of the Honda, killing Acord instantly, according to the CHP. Both vehicles slid to a stop in a gravel lot northeast of the intersection.

Acord?s husband, Charles Chapman, was in the passenger seat of the Honda and taken by ambulance to Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital with major injuries. He is expected to survive.

Anderson sustained only minor injuries and was driven to Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital.

?For unknown reasons, she pulled out, stopped, then gunned it,? said Sgt. Bob Barr with the California Highway Patrol. ?There was no way he could avoid her.?