Bicycle lanes will go in on a much-traveled Rohnert Park thoroughfare.

The lanes are slated for Camino Colegio, the city's major north-south route. They will go in on the stretch connecting Southwest Boulevard and East Cotati Boulevard.

The five-foot lanes, on both sides of the street, were in the city's bicycle master plan, which was adopted in 2008.

The new lanes will require the removal of 50 out of 92 parking spaces on the west side and east sides of the street.

Deputy City Engineer Patrick Barnes said that will actually fine-tune parking in that stretch, ensuring spaces are available where residents need them most and improving sightlines in other spots.

"It was the right spaces in the right places," he said.

Without the lanes, bicyclists are forced to nearly double their distance on the north-south route, and must take much busier roads, increasing the danger of accidents, he said.

Lanes will also be installed on Santa Dorotea Circle, east of Daniel Drive to west of the Western Davis circle intersection, and east of Dorian Drive to east of Dexter Circle.

That work will complete the bicycle lanes on the circular street.

At the same time, Barnes said, repair work and other improvements on Snyder Lane will go forward.

"We're going to be doing some digout repair on Snyder as well as part of this project," he said. "Striping for pedestrian safety and we're going to be taking care of some of the really bad pavement, between Southwest and Rohnert Park Expressway."

The project is to start July 25.

The City Council approved the proposal last week.