A Lake County man charged with killing two former friends over marijuana was ordered Friday to stand trial on two counts of murder.

Lake County Judge Richard Martin concluded that there was sufficient evidence presented during a preliminary hearing to try Robby Alan Beasley with shooting to death a Maine couple he'd invited to California to work as marijuana trimmers.

Beasley believed the couple had stolen some of his marijuana, according to testimony at the hearing, said Lake County Deputy District Attorney Art Grothe.

After the killings, he came to believe the thefts may have been committed by others, Grothe said.

Beasley, 30, is charged with the slayings of Frank Maddox, 32, and Yvette Maddox, 40, Grothe said.

The couple had been reported missing in late January, 2010, and their bodies were discovered in March down a steep embankment on Morgan Valley Road.

Both had been shot twice in the head, according to autopsy reports. Frank Maddox also had been shot in the thigh.

Elijah Bae McKay, 28, who also is charged in the case, testified that Beasley lured the couple to the killing site by asking them to drive him to the airport. McKay is accused of discussing the attacks beforehand and providing Beasley with the 9 mm weapon used to kill the couple.

McKay testified that Beasley afterward told him that he asked the couple stop the truck because he had to urinate, Grothe said. They all eventually got out of the vehicle.

Once they were outside, Beasley pulled the gun and confronted the couple about the marijuana thefts, he said. When they denied stealing the marijuana, Beasley shot Frank Maddox in the thigh, at which time his wife either fainted or pretended to faint.

Frank Maddox fell to the ground and swore at Beasley, telling him that he might as well kill him, according to court testimony.

Beasley then allegedly shot them each in the head, Grothe said. He dragged them down the embankment, where he shot them each again because they were making noises and twitching, Grothe said.

Beasley is scheduled to be arraigned on the charges Feb. 8. A preliminary hearing for McKay has not been scheduled.