An argument outside a Covelo market escalated into violence as three suspects in an SUV hit a man and his car, which held his wife and two young children, Mendocino County sheriff's officials reported.

The three fled the area in their damaged vehicle. They were stopped by CHP officers but only two were in the car, brothers from Fairfield who officers said were drunk.

Sheriff's deputies Monday still were looking for the third man.

The incident Friday night began as an argument outside of Keith's Market between three men in a silver Chevrolet Suburban and a 26-year-old Covelo man in a Chevrolet Tahoe.

The exchange of words turned into a challenge to fight, sheriff's officials said.

Witnesses told deputies that as the man stood by his vehicle, the Suburban drove fast toward him and his car. Inside the car, the man's wife was in the front seat and two kids were in the back.

The Suburban hit the Tahoe, backed up and again headed for the man, hitting him and knocking him to the ground, officials reported.

The Tahoe had major damage to the right side and the Suburban had major damage to the front.

No one was reportedly injured in the incident, officials said.

The three suspects took off on rural Highway 162 toward Highway 101.

CHP officers stopped the car near Highway 101. Jose E. Perez, 38, and Jason Perez, 35, both of Fairfield were taken into custody.

Jose Perez was arrested on suspicion of drunken driving. He also was wanted on an outstanding arrest warrant. Jason Perez was arrested on suspicion of public intoxication.

The brothers weren't cooperating with deputies about the assault in Covelo or the identity of the other passenger, officials said.

They were booked into the Mendocino County Jail.

Deputies are asking for help from the public regarding the whereabouts of the third man. Anyone with information was asked to contact Covelo Deputy Van Wormer at 459-7833.

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