A driver traveling without his car lights on after dark Sunday declined to pull over for a police officer, instead starting a high-speed chase on Santa Rosa streets before he crashed into a parking meter.

Sgt. Chad Heiser Monday said three people in the car then ran, but two were caught and arrested.

Officer Matt Sanchez spotted the car at Stony Point Road and West Third Street at about 9:25 p.m. As the officer pulled in behind the driver, the driver sped up and turned onto West Third Street through a red light.

With the officer in pursuit, the driver sped up to about 80 miles per hour, Heiser reported.

Heading east on West Third Street the driver crossed through another red light, just missing other cars.

He lost control of the car near Railroad Square and skidded across opposite lanes into a meter.

He and his two riders ran. Sanchez followed and caught two of them.

Driver Daniel Santiago Hernandez, 27, was arrested on suspicion of felony evasion of an officer, drunken driving, driving with a suspended license, resisting arrest and violating his probation.

Passenger Jose Alfredo Alvarez Cuevas, 32, was arrested on suspicion of resisting arrest. Both men are from Santa Rosa.

They were taken to the Sonoma County Jail.

The third person remained missing Monday morning.

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