Construction will begin next week on a project designed to restore passage of endangered fish on a tributary of Dry Creek, northwest of Healdsburg.

Crane Creek has habitat for spawning and rearing coho salmon and steelhead, but access to the stream has been limited by a bedrock waterfall that makes it difficult for the fish to swim upstream.

By creating a series of weirs and pools, more than a mile of critical habitat will be opened up for the fish to spawn and spend the first years of their lives. Construction of the $60,000 project is estimated to take two weeks.

The project is a partnership between the Sonoma County Water Agency and the Sotoyome Resource Conservation District, as well as local landowners.

It's "a great example of family farmers and local government coming together to help these endangered fish," stated North County Supervisor Mike McGuire, whose district encompasses the area.

He singled out landowners Doug Lipton, Cindy Daniel and Ronald and Pamela Wollmer for collaborating on the restoration effort.

Know Your Rights

California law prohibits lawyers or others acting on behalf of a lawyer from:

— Soliciting clients at an accident scene, at a hospital, or on the way to a hospital.

— Soliciting clients who, due to their physical, emotional or mental state, may not be able to have reasonable judgment about the hiring of an attorney .

— Seeking clients by mail unless the letter and envelope are clearly labeled as an advertisement.

— Promising a particular outcome from legal representation.

In the wake of the fires, there is also the risk of victims being approached by people posing as attorneys. Consumers should determine if they are legitimate and licensed to provide legal services. Before hiring an attorney, look up their name or State Bar number on the State Bar website — — to check the status of their license to practice law and whether they have any record of discipline.

Source: State Bar of California