Chinese pianist Lang Lang, an international star, showed up at the Green Music Center at midnight a short while back. Well, he phoned first.

When Sanford and Joan Weill were considering giving Sonoma State $12 million to complete the music hall, they asked their friend the piano virtuoso to do something they weren't qualified to do: check out the place for the quality of its acoustics.

Lang Lang (pronounced Long-Long) was in the area in January for a master class at SF State and a solo performance at Davies Hall. He asked SSU officials if he might come by during free time on a Monday night.

Green Center artistic director Jeff Langley and a few others expected him by 10:30 p.m. but welcomed him like kin when he, his mom and a small entourage arrived at about 12.

Langley said the 28-year-old sat at the Steinway on stage "and spent about an hour and a half playing and putting the hall through its paces."

He wrote later to the Weills, "I think the hall is extraordinary and I was very impressed with its acoustics and overall beautiful look."

And dig this part: "I look forward to making the Green Music Center a regular stop during my future world tours."