Congressman Mike Thompson is urging President Barack Obama to authorize federal disaster funds to help pay for damages related to last month's tsunami, which destroyed the harbor in Crescent City.

Thompson, D-St. Helena, said the tsunami caused more than $48 million in damages statewide.

"Without assistance, I am extremely concerned that recovery efforts in affected communities, including those I represent, will languish," he said.

In Crescent City, 16 boats were sunk and 47 were damaged. Concrete floating docks that once housed Northern California's most productive fishing fleet were smashed.

The tsunami also damaged Fort Bragg's harbor.

Thompson and several members of California's congressional delegation, including Rep. Lynn Woolsey,D-Santa Rosa, sent a letter to Obama on Wednesday urging the president to make relief funds available to the state.

Gov. Jerry Brown also joined in that request.

— Derek Moore