The Occupy Wall Street movement has spread to Petaluma.

Occupy Petaluma demonstrators are planning to meet at Penry Park at noon Oct. 29.

Protesters are planning to demonstrate at Washington Street and Petaluma Boulevard North, according to Facebook postings for the group.

While that intersection has been a traditional meeting spot for all manner of demonstrators, it also has a Bank of America branch on one corner.

"The government failed you, the media is playing you and Wall Street hates you," says a flier posted on Facebook that the groups plans to circulate. "We are the 99 percent. Use your voice."

More details are to come, the Facebook page says.

People across the nation have been protesting what they consider unfair economic conditions, government bailouts and "corporate greed."

An Occupy Santa Rosa movement continues at City Hall with protesters coming and going in shifts.

— Lori A. Carter