EDITOR: Kudos to The Press Democrat for Saturday's At Home section, which corresponded so well with our local desire to create and conserve. Rather than dividing people by parties and politics, gardening enriches all our lives and makes us both interdependent and independent.

Staff Writer Meg McConahey's report on the stunning efficiency of the Posh Squash gardens at The Sea Ranch was a revelation ("Garden of efficiency"). I might have thought that Sea Ranchers lived off their investments more than the land, but I learned that they work together in an organized harmony to produce an incredible bounty in their co-op garden.

Then Martha Stewart, who always seems so corporate, wrote the most useful, succinct instructions for compost-creation I've read ("Composting good for every garden"). And ferns to remove toxins? Another revelation came in the piece on ferns and how their cleansing powers may profoundly help us detox our planet ("Recruiting ferns to fight pollution").

The entire section gives me hope for our ingenuity in nature rather than our love of chopping down whatever is in our way.



Watch the committee hearing

A bill that would streamline environmental review for housing in Santa Rosa got mixed reviews at its first committee hearing Wednesday. To watch the Senate Committee on Environmental Quality hearing, click here.