EDITOR: Thucydides quotes a Spartan king, "the nation that makes a great distinction between its soldiers and its warriors will have its thinking done by cowards and its fighting done by fools."

I am a Vietnam vet, and I'm told my 100 percent VA compensation is an entitlement that must be reduced to shrink the deficit. How many of those on the supercommittee or in Congress are veterans?

I think we can now change this quote to say that our wars have been fought by heroes sent to fight by fools.

This nation has sent its men and women off to war generation upon generation, and only until recently has this nation tried to repair their wounds and minds upon their return.

I spent eight months in Hell in Vietnam and another eight in Hell in a place called a VA hospital. Shame on the "fools" for forgetting their heroes and remembering them only on this day.


Santa Rosa