Sebastopol police arrested an intoxicated Long Beach man Tuesday on outstanding warrants, the third arrest at the Occupy Sebastopol camp.

Daniel J. Flynn, 21, was interviewed by police on Monday night during a routine meeting by officers and Occupy Sebastopol participants, police Chief Jeff Weaver said.

Officers are talking to the campers each night to make sure they have a direct number to the police department and to check on their welfare.

Flynn had a blood alcohol contest of .12, which was a violation of his probation, and also had two outstanding warrants, Weaver said.

He was taken to Sonoma County jail and booked on $2,000 bail. Police also took down his tent, at his request.

There are nine tents at the Sebastopol encampment on the town plaza, but only two people have been spending the night, Weaver said.

Sheriff's deputies on Sunday also arrested two men, identified at transients, at the camp on outstanding warrants.

The Occupy Sebastopol camp has been in place since Saturday Nov. 5.

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