EDITOR: Several recent letters indicate a misconception of the Occupy movement. Our concern is not the existence of corporations, it is the inordinate power and influence of corporate wealth on the life of this country.

Corporate lobbying and political donations resulted in the quiet dismantling of complex banking and investment rules. This allowed banks to put depositors' money in shaky investment vehicles that later went bad. It allowed Wall Street to freely sell investment products that were so poorly regulated that they were basically fraudulent.

Deregulation allowed Moody's Investment Services to give AAA ratings to toxic packages of mortgages because Moody's is paid by the same companies it's evaluating.

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that corporations have the same rights as people and that money equals speech, therefore government cannot limit campaign spending by corporations.

All of this has added up to a country where investment profits are taxed at a lower rate than money earned by hard work, where the middle class has lost both wealth and power, where we've become a nation of the people, by the people and for the corporations.

That is what we are fighting to change.


Santa Rosa