EDITOR: I disagree with your editorial about the UC Davis pepper spray incident ("When cops should commit to nonviolence as well," Tuesday)

What I saw, in the snippet of video made public, is an officer very clearly indicating what was about to happen, walking in front of the line, spray can visible. I would like to think he was giving a warning as well, snipped by our videographer.

Why must law enforcement subject themselves to physical hazard? How should they arrest someone whose desire is to be carted away gently and given a citation with no penalty?

What would have been better? Prying their arms apart? How many pounds of pressure per square inch would meet your approval?

They were in violation of the law, they were warned, and a very low level of physical harm was inflicted in the lawful removal of the violators from the premises.

"Taken to local hospitals" carries no indication of what ailment befell them other than tears.

Shame on you for taking the side of lawbreakers instead of officers of the law acting with restraint.


<i>Hidden Valley Lake</i>