December 5, 2011

From Stephen Ackerman, Chief Financial Officer

Since our Consumer Advisory on November 23, we have had the full support and engagement of local, state, and federal authorities as well as financial institutions and card processors. This week we anticipate learning from these authorities the start and ending dates of our credit/debit card reader tampering. The end of last week, we received notification of a number of employee and customer account breaches and are in the process of confirming if they were a result of activity through our self-checkout terminals.

At this time, we strongly recommend that anyone who used our self-checkout terminals in the affected stores during the months of October and November consider closing their bank account and opening a new one. Authorities have told us that attempts to steal account information are most likely to occur over the weekend when most financial institutions are closed or have limited hours.

Customers with compromised account statements need to contact our Lucky Customer Support Center at 800-692-5710; we will secure their contact information for follow-up and assistance where possible.

Lucky Supermarkets continues to take seriously our responsibility to keep our customers informed and will be updating a FAQ sheet located under the Consumer Alert tab on our website