A 17-year-old accused of shooting a man dead outside a Santa Rosa bar was charged with murder Tuesday and will be tried as an adult.

Jose Campos-Mendoza was arraigned on four felony counts in the Saturday slaying of Christopher Ochoa, 23, also of Santa Rosa, outside El Puente Cantina.

In addition to first-degree murder, he's charged with two counts of attempted murder and a count of assault with a semi-automatic handgun. Campos-Mendoza faces multiple life sentences if convicted.

Prosecutor Craig Brooks said the teenager can be tried as an adult under a law that applies to 14- to 17-year-olds. The decision was based in part on the level of violence alleged, he said.

"At one time we thought there were two deaths," Brooks said. "Fortunately, the second person lived."

Campos-Mendoza, who appeared in shackles and was flanked by six deputies, said little as Judge Ken Gnoss assigned a public defender to represent him. He was ordered to return Dec. 15 to enter a plea.

He was denied bail.

"He will remain housed at the juvenile facility given his age at this point," Gnoss said from the bench.

A co-defendant, Daniel Calderon-Escobido, 23, of Santa Rosa, was charged as an accessory to the same four counts. His bail was set at $250,000.

A half-dozen friends and family members of Campos-Mendoza watched the hearing from the gallery. His mother put a hand on her face as deputies led him away.

Outside court, a man describing himself as an immediate family said Campos-Mendoza acted in self-defense when he was attacked.

"The other guys were grown men," said the man, who didn't give his name.

A group of women who said they were friends of Ochoa declined to comment.

Police said the slaying happened just before 2 a.m. outside the Santa Rosa bar and restaurant that features live music on weekends.

Four men, who police said were acquaintances, argued while at the cantina and came to blows. Campos-Mendoza is suspected of leaving and returning with a gun. Ochoa was killed and Julian Loeza, 21 of Santa Rosa, was wounded. Both were unarmed, Brooks said.

A security guard, Paul Harris, was also fired upon, Brooks said.

Weapons were recovered from the suspects, he said.

The shooting was not believed to be gang-related.

Police previously said there were reports of "bad blood" among the men. Tuesday's hearing was conducted with increased court security.