The deluge of Petaluma residents reporting that money has been siphoned out of their bank accounts following a security breach at Lucky Supermarkets eased Wednesday, bringing the total reports to 127, Petaluma police officials said.

Card-reading devices were found inside self-checkout terminals at 23 Lucky Supermarkets in Petaluma and elsewhere in the Bay Area between Nov. 3 and Nov. 16.

The company didn't alert the public until Nov. 23 after terminals at all 233 stores were examined because executives believed criminals had to collect the devices to download financial data.

However, the devices apparently were capable of transmitting customers' financial data through wireless technology. It remains unknown how long the devices were transmitting data to those involved in the scheme.

Petaluma police said that since Saturday they have fielding reports from people who discovered unauthorized withdrawals ranging from $300 to $500. All 14 reports taken Wednesday involved withdrawals made in Southern California, Lyons said.