The Press Democrat on Tuesday announced the creation of the PD Media Lab, a digital advertising and marketing agency that builds and hosts custom websites for local businesses.

The unit, overseen by Digital Director Greg Retsinas, specializes in search engine optimization, mobile and tablet platforms, social media and reputation management, e-commerce and digital advertising.

"We've been building successful websites and mobile sites for our own business," Press Democrat publisher Bruce Kyse said in a statement. "Now we can give other businesses the opportunity to benefit from our experience and expertise."

For information, visit

To help protect yourself from skimming fraud:

Use gas pumps within view of a gas station attendant and inspect it closely, noting any visible wires, loose or ill-fitting parts, or anything that looks jury-rigged.

If there is a security seal on the pump access door, make sure it is unbroken.

Use a credit card or select the credit option if using a debit card, to avoid inputting a PIN, which is what thieves are after most.

Check your account transactions frequently.

Respond quickly to suspicious-activity notifications from your bank.